About Erica Curry

I am a former Division I athlete, turned mental health professional and coach.


About me

I grew up with sports being the center of my life until graduating college in 2016 and then shifted my focus to mental health and athletes. Here’s a bit about how I got to where I am now:


My Story

In 2012 I reached my goal of getting a scholarship to be a D1 springboard diver at Wagner College. I was excited and could feel the pressure building before I even arrived on campus. 

Young female in white shirt suffering from headache and looking tired , front view.

I had a history of struggling with perfectionism, self-doubt, fear of failure and anxiety within my sport. I spent hours guessing at how to make these mental blocks go away. I had the technical skill to get into college athletics but my mindset got in the way at times.

Making profile. Young frustrated man solving his mental problems while having therapy session with psychologist

Now i am a mental health professional with years of training in evidence based practices. And let me tell you, I wish I knew then what I know now! Over the years I have learned how to assess which skills an athlete needs and how to teach them. These skills to help athletes get out of their head and perform at their best, without the guess work.

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Getting to be a student athlete was a dream come true for me. I also quickly realized being an athlete at a D1 college meant I would more accurately be described as an athlete-student rather than a student-athlete.

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All emphasis was placed on sport while school was the side gig. By the end of my college athletic career I realized all my focus was placed on my sport and I didn’t know what direction to go next! 

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Eventually, I dug deep and realized I want to help other athletes. My goal is to help athletes gain the mental skills they need to reach their goals and rediscover their identity when their sport comes to an end.